Tangshan 3.0 earthquake occurred in Hebei Province Seismological Bureau: a normal level

Hebei Tangshan since August 21 has occurred 8 times the earthquake
Tangshan City, Hebei Province, 6 月 6 日 (Reporter Li Qian) Hebei Tangshan City at 23:27 on the 5th occurred 3.0 earthquake, Hebei Provincial Seismological Bureau announced on the 6th that start Ⅳ earthquake emergency response. According to statistics, Hebei Tangshan since August 21 has occurred 8 times the earthquake. According to the China Earthquake Network, the official determination: October 23rd 23:27 in Hebei Tangshan City Kaiping District (latitude 39.67 degrees, longitude 118.32 degrees) occurred 3.0 earthquake, the source depth of 10 km. 6 o'clock on the 6th, "Tangshan earthquake" to 32 million people ranked a microblogging platform "real-time hot search list" first. Many users because of the recent Tangshan several "small earthquake" and pray, there are some users in Tangshan on the network "reported peace." In the Tangshan University of Qiu Ping said that when she lay in the dormitory shop, that someone in the pedal, shaking feeling more obvious. Not long after, on the Internet to see the local earthquake, Qiu Ping lamented the "earthquake broadcast is very timely." Tangshan Kaiping District Gao Xiaodong said that when the earthquake and his family reaction is very calm, "because the Tangshan house are shockproof, we are no longer as fragile as 1976." Tangshan citizen Liu Jun said that the hope that the network of people Less follow the trend of spread rumors, and more to increase scientific knowledge, learn how to escape after the earthquake. Hebei Provincial Seismological Bureau announced on the 6th, after the earthquake, according to the on-site team report, Tangshan Kaiping area felt obvious, Road South, North Road, Guye District, some areas feel, no casualties and property losses. After the earthquake, the Hebei Provincial Seismological Bureau immediately launched Ⅳ earthquake emergency response. The council said that since August 21, in Tangshan City Kaiping - ancient rule occurred in the vicinity of earthquake group activities. The sequence of the earthquake group is long and the frequency is high. The earthquake within 100 km range, there have been historical records since a total of 5 or more earthquakes 43 times, of which 5.0-5.9 36 times, 6.0-6.9 level 5 times, 7.0-7.9 level 2 times. The last time more than 5 earthquakes were October 6, 1995 Tangshan 5.0 earthquake. According to the type of historical seismic activity and the recent seismic activity analysis of the area, the seismic activity in this area is normal.

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