Shaanxi man killed wives burning corpses manufacturing traffic accident to deceive the sea

Chengmou anger under the neck caused by Lee suffocated death
(Reporter Qi Ming) repeatedly accused by his wife, her husband is always silent to the right, however, the accumulation of years of age, making her husband Chengmou mentality imbalance, this year on the evening of March 30, Cheng and his wife Lee because of family trivia At home in a dispute, Cheng anger under the neck caused by the death of Lee suffocated, after driving straight to the county in the Wang Jiabao Bay section of the traffic accident after burning the body to cover up their criminal facts. April 22, police handling the case found a lot of abnormal phenomena, after a lot of efforts, cracked the intentional homicide case. On the afternoon of May 9, the police informed the case. March 31 this year, Jia County Public Security Bureau 110 alarm service desk received an alarm, 302 provincial highway Wang Jiayao Bay section, a Shan K license car accident occurred in the car, the car hit the roadside concrete pier, Causing the vehicle to fire, the car did not escape one person, the request of the police. After receiving the report, Wang Ji Bian police station, traffic police, firefighters immediately rushed to the scene for disposal. Jiaxian Public Security Bureau Wang Jia Bian police station director Yan Xu feel the case is significant, immediately call Guo Feng Secretary. Followed by the deputy director of the criminal investigation Du Junxiao lead the criminal investigation brigade investigators rushed to the scene. The investigation of the driver of a machine (male, 50 years old, Jiaxian Wang Jiabian people) was burned, his wife Lee (female, 42 years old) died in the car. The scene of the investigation and corpse test, the police initially that the case is not a simple traffic accident case, because the case is difficult, Jiaxian Public Security Bureau immediately reported to the Municipal Council, city and county public security organs in time to start the murder detection mechanism, and set up a " 3.31 Lee death case "task force. The task force has hired the provincial fire brigade fire investigation experts, provincial and municipal traces of inspection, forensic and vehicle forensic experts on the scene, the vehicle, the body was tested, the timely inspection of the extracted samples. Then the task force held a number of case analysis, and launched a large number of investigation visits, transferred a large amount of video information and electronic information, the evidence collected by the full analysis of the judge. Combined with the test results analysis, that Lee was burned after death, the case should be killed in the case of burning, Cheng a major crime suspects. Jia County Public Security Bureau Director Guo Feng introduced, with the investigation work carried out in depth, Chengmou's crime suspects gradually increased, the task force that the timing of the interrogation has matured, developed a careful interrogation plan, on April 21 decided to treat in the hospital Cheng a criminal detention on suspicion of intentional homicide, and interrogation of Cheng. The face of the trial, the suspect Cheng refused to recognize his wife Lee was its harm. Task team investigators and Cheng a round of contests, in front of a lot of evidence, Cheng a psychological defense step by step was destroyed, and ultimately truthfully confessed their own criminal facts. Its confession, the evening of March 30 with his wife Lee because of family trivia at home in a dispute, his anger under the neck caused by Lee suffocated to death, after driving straight to the county in Wang Jiabao Bay section of the road after the traffic accident Burn the body to cover up its criminal facts. The current suspect Cheng has been the police XingJu, the case is under further investigation.

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